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Have you ever thought...

  • That girl is beautiful and I want to approach her... but I don't know how!
  • Even if I did approach her, how would we talk? I don't speak the local language!
  • How can I ask her out for drinks? What's the appropriate cultural way to do that?
  • Is it socially acceptable for me to approach her like this?
  • What if she think I'm just a weird foreigner when I approach her?
  • Is she even the TYPE of girl who is interested in foreigners like me?

Good news! 

You NEVER need to worry about that again! This course covers ALL these questions and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


What exactly will you get as a member?


The Asian Girlfriend Experience is so much more than 'just another online course.'

Here are some of the INCREDIBLE benefits of being a member!


  • A detailed analysis and breakdown of the 14 Types of Asian Women, including their psychological profiles and HOW to succeed with ALL of them ($650 Value)

  • A Constantly GROWING Catalog of Dating and Relationship Advice, on topics such as first dates, escaping toxic relationships, and the dreaded 'Friend Zone' ($500+ Value)

  • EXACTLY How to Approach ANY Type of Woman, no matter WHERE you are! ACTIONABLE tips to approach on the street, in a cafe, on the subway, and many more places ($800 Value)

  • A Thriving Community of Men, complete with a Discord community to chat. Ask and get answers to ALL Your Questions, including PERSONAL, DIRECT and DAILY ACCESS to our Head Coach ($1200 Value)

  • Weekly LIVE Hangout sessions, ONLINE OR IN PERSON, No matter where YOU live! ($900 Value)

  • ...And a FREE MONTHLY Dating Consultation with our coach to make sure YOU are meeting YOUR goals! ($1500 Value)

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What Members Are Saying

⭐ Verified Purchase

By Luke L. "Understand EVERYTHING About Relationships!"

Jack has helped me get over many issues with regards to dealing with women. From getting over approach anxiety, to dealing with relationship toxicity, his advice has helped me come a long way. There was once when I had relationship issues with a girl because we did not see eye-to-eye on certain things. But Jack highlighted to me that the only way the relationship was going to work was if I stood my ground, and to prioritize my own long-term happiness over short-term pain from ending the relationship.

It helped me understand that you had to be firm - especially if there are things that are a dealbreaker for you. Eventually, I was able to work the relationship out smoothly with her agreeing to my terms. He understands women on the deepest level, whilst also understanding what men want, and genuinely wants to help you improve and become a better man. I highly recommend getting to know Jack and learning from him if you want to take control of your life and really start dating the women you really want.”

⭐ Verified Purchase

By Rich James "The BEST COACH in Asia!"

If you want to pick up Asian girls forget all the other so called "gurus" out there - Jack is the man to learn from. Not only is Jack a master of daygame, but he is a master at transferring his skills to you. I've personally daygamed with him, seen him in action and witnessed his students in action too. He will make you fearless at approaching girls in the street, and give you the skills to recognize the different types of Asian girls so you can quickly identify the type you are dealing with, how to seduce her and ultimately whether or not you want to keep her around as a gf or not. Jack is the only dating coach I've met who goes beyond the surface level of pickup  (what to say, how to act etc.) and deep into the psychology of what you can expect from these relationships / how to manage them. In a nutshell, Jack won't just give you the skills to fearlessly meet and get dates with "day beauty 9's and 10's"...but he will teach you how to KEEP them. And that is what puts his teachings in a whole different ballpark.

⭐ Verified Purchase

By Tim J. "Saved My Relationship"

I came to Asia not knowing much about the local women or how to seduce them, but Jack gave me practical advice specific to Asian girls I could use immediately to improve my results. And when I thought things were over with one girl, he was able to read between the lines of her behavior and salvage the relationship with the action plan he laid out for me. Optimal game in Asia is different from what it is in western countries, and Jack knows what he's talking about from years of first-hand experience here. I learned much faster with his advice and have some great memories with Asian girls because of it.

⭐ Verified Purchase

By Will S. "Got Me the HOTTEST Girls!"

I took Jack's boot camp to help get rid of my approach anxiety. I wanted to be able to approach the hottest girls on the street without thinking twice. After day 2 of the boot camp that’s exactly what had happened. Opening girls on the street became easy and I was getting more numbers and dates than I could handle. Whatever your sticking point is, Jack will help you blow past it. I highly recommend his course if you want to be dating the hottest girls in Asia.

Just a Quick Hint…

Most people think that what you say to start a conversation with a woman is the most important thing…

But they don’t know that only 7% of communication is verbal…

This means that what you say isn’t nearly as important as how you say it.

It is how you:

  • Hold your body while walking and talking
  • Angle your body when you begin conversation
  • Communicate sexual subtext without being rude
  • Make her want to ask questions about you
  • Drive her crazy thinking about being with you


Get this right and you’ll have more numbers and dates than you can handle!

This course will teach you these fundamentals and much, MUCH more!


Frequently Asked Questions

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About your Instructor

I’m Jack North, and I have been living and dating in Asia since 2009. In all those years, I’ve had an incredible wealth of experiences – many good, many bad, and some outright bizarre.

When I first came here, I had no idea how to meet and date women. Sure, I had read some books and forums on the subject, but all their “advice” had gotten me nowhere

So, with little more than a burning desire in my loins for the reproductive rewards of the women around me, I set off on a wild journey of self-improvement, self-destruction, self-inspection, and ultimately success. 

The problem was… It took me YEARS to finally find that level of success I had hoped to achieve. 

I had nobody to teach me, no community to keep me on track, and no accountability for my mistakes and failures. In short, I was wandering aimlessly through a love-jungle for a long time, hoping to simply get lucky.

Sound familiar? 

Unfortunately, this is how MOST men live their romantic lives – simply hoping to GET LUCKY.

This course takes luck OUT OF THE EQUATION.

I have consolidated my considerable experiences here to help you CREATE SUCCESS instead of simply waiting for fate to favor you fondly.

In this course, you will learn what to do and say, but also what NOT to do, and the more important why. Without understanding why something doesn’t work, we are bound to repeat the mistake in different ways, so I have dug deep into the psychology of the women here as well as into their real in-field reactions.

 I have filtered down the Types of Asian Women to 14 specific archetypes that each have their own set of pros and cons, which I will teach you among other crucial details about them. 

How do I know these Types are right and accurate?

My most common email from female readers is this: “Jack, you’re such an asshole, from reading this it sounds like I’m a [Type], and that’s not nice! …But it’s exactly right. How did you know all of that??” 

I have also been personally coaching men across Asia to be more successful in their relationships since 2014. In that time, I’ve helped guys meet the hottest women of their lives, helped them get girlfriends, and even seen some of my students get married to the women they met under my tutelage. 

Regardless of what type of relationship you are looking for, I have helped men find it and be successful in it. 

For all these reasons, and many more that you will learn throughout this course, I am certain that I will be able to help you, no matter who you are, find your very own Perfect. Asian. Girlfriend.

I Want Jack's Help!



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I completely understand why you might be skeptical about if this course will work for you or not, and that is why I have a 60-day refund policy.

You can request a refund, for any reason, no questions asked.

I want every one of my students to not just enjoy the course, but to grow and learn from it to achieve the success they want and deserve. If my course doesn’t live up to that standard, I will refund your purchase.

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